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I am Kanna Ingleson, enthusiastic collector of top-end, unusual taxidermy in West London, UK. I believe that curiosity and collaboration are cool.

It started with an ordinary, one-eyed cased fish 6 years ago. Today my home resembles a natural history warehouse, and that's exactly how I like it.

I am the proud custodian of numerous pieces from the golden era of Victorian taxidermy. And that's why I can never claim that my collection has been ethically sourced. I can however state with certainty that I am not a fan of hunting and don't believe in killing for the sole purpose of taxidermy.

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Photo by Katherine Edden



I am the founder of #taximag, a quarterly magazine featuring the people who make up the vibrant taxidermy scene in the UK and Europe. 

It looks at the collections, the creative work and the personalities that form part of this magnificent sub-culture. 

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#Taximag cover photo by Katherine Edden

Taxidermy Revival

I blame Damien Hirst. No, not his foray into formaldehyde, but his bold £1-million offer to save the entire Walter Potter collection shortly before bits of it ended up in a living room near you.

Love it or loathe it, that's probably when taxidermy was firmly planted in the public domain after which it quickly entered the UK mainstream. You can tell that for certain by the stuffed creatures that routinely make up the window dressing of city shops (like the fine example on the left) and that adorn suburban lives.

As with all things, timing has been critical. A renewed interest in all things analogue, an appreciation for real, practiced skill, our ever present need to be different, and the rise of crap telly have all helped turn the recent resurgence into a full-on revival.

Long may it continue.

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Love that swirl on an otherwise nondescript fragment.
A beautiful piece of copper.
Not remarkable but interesting.
I have found hundreds of bones, but these are one-offs. Anyone know what they are?
A pile of rabbit legs at the Grant Museum.
We are adopting a specimen at the Grant Museum. Here is our shortlist
Hot date at the Grant Museum.
Lead shot and garnets. Unbelievably satisfying.
Smooth on the outside, rough on the inside.
Pins, shot and garnets. Oh the joy of small things.
Bellarmine fragment.
Nice bit of glass.
Bone comb fragment.
Definitely the coolest musical instrument I've ever seen. @snowshillmanornt
Ration bone objects made by French prisoners in England during the Napoleonic Wars. Part of the collection at @snowshillmanornt
Anyone know what this is?
Find of the day. Brush remnants:.
I sometimes find watch parts, but this is the best so far.
Lots of holes and a little leg.

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